Colloque : Liturgical Papyri in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt, New York, 6 mai 2011

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Colloquium: Liturgical Papyri in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt

Friday, May 6, 2011, 10:15am – 6pm
Location: Seminar Room, 2nd floor
Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, NYU
15 East 84th Street New York, NY
Organizer: Jacco Dieleman, UCLA/ISAW
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This one-day colloquium investigates the nature and function of
Egyptian liturgical papyri of Ptolemaic and Roman date. In this
period, certain individuals were buried with one or several papyrus
scrolls containing a selection of temple liturgies. Although
originally conceived for use in the cult of Osiris, these liturgies
had been adopted and adapted for private funerary use. Whereas several
liturgies have been published individually in synoptic text editions,
the manuscripts themselves have never been studied as a group. In
fact, the most important and extensive manuscripts remain unpublished.
An important, innovative aspect of late dynastic Egyptian funerary
culture thus remains unexamined. By bringing together an international
group of scholars who are currently preparing text editions of these
manuscripts, we hope to gain insight in the principles governing the
selection and sequencing of the liturgies on the various manuscripts.
The colloquium will thus not only shine light on a large yet often
neglected text corpus, but also provide an opportunity to explore the
intersection of Egyptian temple cult and private funerary practices in
the period from the fourth century BCE to the first century CE. It
extends an invitation to reflect on the conditions and motivations
that sparked a shift in the types and number of texts deposited with
the deceased in the tomb in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt.


10:15               coffee in Oak Room
10:30               welcome address, Jacco Dieleman

10:45               Frank Feder (Altägyptisches Wörterbuch/University
of Münster): Egyptian liturgical papyri or “Mortuary Liturgies” in the Papyri of the Ptolemaic and Roman Period

11:30               Martin Bommas (University of Birmingham): Sequencing the Osirian ritual: How mortuary liturgies were adapted to their use in temples

12:15               lunch

2:00                 Katya Barbash (Brooklyn Museum): The Mortuary Papyrus of Padikakem, Walters Art Museum 551

2:45                 Sandrine Vuilleumier: The Papyrus Princeton Pharaonic Roll 10

3:30                 tea in Oak Room

3:45                 Burkhard Backes (University of Tübingen):
Sequences of texts and rites in Papyrus Schmitt (pBerlin 3057): questions and some answers

4:30                 Jacco Dieleman (ISAW / UCLA)
Mortuary Ritual in the Artemis Liturgical Papyrus (P. Louvre N 3135 + P. Vienna ÄS 3871)

5:15                 closing remarks

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